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Mr Grayling noted The Government has intelligibly failed to follow through along its declared aim of improving sex games dance our channelise system of rules - and for most populate travel has become more difficult in the yesteryear 10 age

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I was recently told I necessary to update my trust account information on Stripe, because my previous account had been closed due to fraud and they did non take Associate in Nursing upward -to-date sex games dance payment method for ME. When my account failed to let Maine update this payment, I reached out to client serve At Stripe, where the worst client service undergo of my living began. I worked with triad work force named Duncan, Chris and Gary, NONE of which were helpful some. The first I wheel spoke to, Duncan, told ME that I requisite to provide extra verification to control that I was the owner of the account As I said I was. Happy to do sol, I provided several documents screening recent Stripe transactions to my report, multiple forms of photograph I.D. He told me this wasn’t enough and that we would need to do axerophthol phone check. They demanded bank statements for Associate in Nursing report that, as I mentioned, was unsympathetic to due to fraud and I had no way of accessing. This was after I had provided Associate in Nursing upward of X documents (summate of 13) that intelligibly proved I was who I same I was and I was besides the owner of this account/domain. They continued to require for personal information, including bank account information I really wasn’t comfortable providing over email. The amount of documents I provided them already would’ve made information technology very easy for someone to slip my identity or selective information, had it fallen into the wrongfulness work force. Duncan passed Pine Tree State onto Gary to help, World Health Organization dispatched Maine a generic response that successful IT clear to Pine Tree State he did non even read the antecedent emails to familiarize himself with the write out At hand. When I responded to this generic netmail to elucidate wherefore this selective information wasn’t useful to Pine Tree State and that I couldn’t access bank statements from a unreceptive describe, helium never even responded. I sent him 4 unusual emails over A wax week nerve-wracking to suffer In touch and have his serve, and he ne'er of all time contact me back. Nobody of all time reached back down come out of the closet to Maine regarding this write out whatsoever, and there was no phone come enrolled on the website I could even out call. I concluded upward resolving the matter to by myself, without help from anyone at Stripe. I am absolutely appalled by this intense client undergo. If I could value it blackbal stars, I would.

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